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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

So, I’ll be having my first class as a cross-gender tomorrow. I must confess that deep inside I became a little nervous. I’ll be wearing the garments specially made for the female dancer. The last time I remember wearing clothes of the “opposite gender” was when I was a little kid and used to mess around in mummy’s eighty’s green dress and on her high-heels. Well, I shouldn’t be that nervous about it for I ended up performing on stilettos during Rene Coprij’s workshop last year. At this moment I can’t really tell if what is making me nervous is the fact that I’ll be cross-dressing and “cross-dancing” in the attires and shapes of an unfamiliar culture to me. That may actually turn out to be a lot easier than if I were to transvestite myself back in Amsterdam or Brazil for example. It might be easier to cross those borders in a culture I didn’t grew up with and do not belong to. Especially in a culture that carries such a tradition. Anyway, that actually fits the project I’ve proposed myself to undertake. As the name itself suggests, The Transanima Project is meant as a journey that will take me, and eventually the audience, beyond the idea of “getting in touch” with the other gender. In my case, my feminine side. So I suppose doing it while emerged in such a culture will bring me further than that. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow. I’ll be taking a private lesson with Mas Hardi, one of Didik’s apprentices and ensemble member. He’ll be introducing me to the basics of Classical Central Java Traditional Dance before my first class with Didik’s master herself who will be back in Yogyakarta around October 12.

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