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Dewi Sarag Jodag (in Love) with Mr. Didik’s Comedy Style

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I got a chance to follow the process of elaboration of the piece from the transportation and assembling of the scenery to the moment when the audience is about to come in. Though I had already seen the changes made to the editing of the video installation that accompanies the piece, it was only when Mr. Didik started to rehearse and interact with it that their intent became clear to me. The changes not only added more layers to the complexity of the dramaturgy but also allowed for more interaction between the performer in his comedic style and the audience. It seems to me that in a humoristic sort of performance, if not enough tension is applied to the timing of the piece, no matter how good the performer might be, he/she will never be able to elicit amusement and laughter from the pubic. The more Mr. Didik went on with the rehearsals and the more he adjusted the choreography to those last changes, the more flow he brought to the set structure of the piece. Nonetheless, it was only when the immediate and live response of the audience came into play that I could finally understand the importance of every minimally crafted choice. Besides, in order to enhance the climaxes during the performance, Mr. Didik makes use of the character he has built for the larger public via his appearances on TV. Therefore giving a breath to the narrative and making it more enjoyable to follow. I believe few artists are able to use that resource and even fewer know how to use it successfully. With his unique humoristic style, Mr. Didik enables us to capture the meaning behind his choices of narrative beyond an intellectual level. He also makes it possible for us to confront whatever similarity we might have with the character he is portraying while laughing at it. And the characters Mr. Didik portrays always seem to bear a desire for transformation. As if reminding us of our inherent necessity of change in order to make way for growth as well of its unavoidable side effects. Still, this particular performance reminds us to have a laugh on the way in order to make that process bearable. And above all that, Mr. Didik is one of those rare comedic performers that are able to not only make us laugh, but also laugh with us.

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