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Emergent Thoughts for The Indonesian Dance Festival

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

It is time to face the pollution and traffic jams of Jakarta once again. Before flying to Sulawesi, I will be attending to the program of the Indonesian Dance Festival. I thought attending to the festival would give me the opportunity to have an idea about the contemporary dance scene in this multi-everything country. Besides, my gender research would not be complete without witnessing which place issues, such as gender itself, identity and power, hold in the work of Indonesian contemporary artists.

Unfortunately, due to the responsibilities of my priority during this internship with Mr. Didik Nini Thowok and his dates, I’ll miss the Emerging Choreographers program.

Considering the fact that this program was not well but marginally publicized in the website, and that all the works of the Indonesian young choreographers had been scheduled all together in one afternoon one day before the opening ceremony, speaks for itself about how the organization of the festival perceives what is probably the newest approach to dance in the country.

The IDF (Indonesian Dance Festival), Jakarta’s International Performing Arts Festival, in its 9th edition proposes the following theme: ‘Next Generation: Modernity and Beyond’. I’m very curious about how the recent achievements of contemporary dance around the world are perceived here and how they are going to be portrayed.

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