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Faerie Tale X The “Man”-driven World

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hoping that Halloween is gone for real now and that all the bad spirits have been chased away by Mother Faerie, I’m exercising my optimism and resuming the writing. Although, I still haven’t got that much optimistic in order to believe that Barack Obama will make such a big difference (if he ever gets there). Getting sick or injured isn’t the best thing that can happen to you in a foreign country. I did too much the last two weeks and ended up stressing my other knee. I finally succeeded in getting some treatment yesterday and am hoping some rest and mild exercises will finish the job. Since I wasn’t in high spirits and had to keep on attending to the Indonesian Dance Festival, I ended up leaving my notes aside for a while and, before I could tell, was taking off from Jakarta and landing on this other big city in the South of the Sulawesi Island. Those notes will eventually make their way here. I guess I’m gonna have plenty of time now that I’m forced to slow down and recover. So I found myself this morning in a windowless overpriced hotel room, sick of the air-conditioner, hungry, thirsty and bored and with strict doctor’s orders to remain in bed as much as possible. There’s not much of an option for a vegetarian on the room service menu and the idea of forcing myself to eat the horrible fish they served me last night was out of question. I took a deep breath, looked for the address of the mall I had read about at my Lonely Planet, got myself together and grabbed a taxi. Yes, you read it right, I went to a mall in Indonesia. I even committed a couple of other delightful sins once I had filled my belly with a delicious mango juice and an improvised vegetarian meal from one of the rare non-American merchandise eating places available. I bought a GQ magazine, which was the only English speaking thing left at the Gramedia Book Shop there, and got myself a ticket to watch the new James Bond. I’m a fan! I had been dying to see it since I saw the trailer while taking a break from the serious articles on the global economy crisis and the US presidential campaign on my Internet NY Times subscription. What a thrill! Those guys just get better and better at editing the action scenes. The whole timing of the movie serves as great inspiration for performance work in my opinion.  Besides – I know this will sound really gay. But, who cares?! It actually serves my gender-based project. – Daniel Craig is just hot! He’s what my sister back in Brazil calls a “Raimunda – feio de cara mas bom de bunda”, which is a way of saying someone doesn’t have the most beautiful face but has a great sexy body in Brazilian slang. Anyway, I love the mean attitude he’s given to his character. And he’s hot! And sexy! O.K., enough! Let me just say this: I love how the Bond girls resemble more and more these inaccessible cold-sexy women, sort of Helmut Newton inspired. It makes the manliness – or gayness – of the James Bond character come out stronger. By the way, the GQ magazine wasn’t that bad. I got some interesting ideas for my gender project about how a masculine magazine defines their vision of a man. Although at some point I thought somebody had placed the wrong cover on a gay magazine. It has everything the average gay man loves to see on a magazine: boring fashion, loads of pictures of femme fatale women, a perfume sample, superficial articles on politics and tons of little articles on everything and nothing at the same time. It even has a Marilyn Monroe look-alike on the cover. To make my Mall-inspired cross-culture and gender-like afternoon complete, I ended up buying a Barbie Mariposa tableware set while shopping for food for tomorrow’s breakfast and trip to the village where I’ll watch a Bissu perform a harvest ceremony. It wasn’t something superfluous. I forgot my fork-knife-spoon all-in-one camping tableware back in Jogja. While I made my way to the first taxi queuing outside of the mall, the taxi drivers, assuming I was an American, kept on screaming “Obama, good”. That dumped me out of my faerie tale world and brought me back into the grown-up man-driven real world – Sorry for her fans but Sarah Palin just isn’t my ideal of a real woman. – Anyway, real is what you want to believe in at any given moment. How wonderful it is to reinvent reality every so often! I wonder how the results of the US elections have been developing…

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