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Pocahontas, Captain Smith, Hercules and Indiana Jones

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Here I am in Jakarta’s airport waiting for my delayed flight to Yogyakarta sitting at a Starbucks Cafe. (– No, I’m not homesick-western nor do I drink coffee. That was the only place where I could find a “free” Internet connexion. I’m actually dying to leave this airport and hotel vicious environment and start exploring this beautiful country. I’ll need a rest before that though.) To be honest, I hadn’t realized how European-centered my mind had become until I stepped out of the airplane from my Hong Kong flight last night. Besides, this is way different from Brazil. Let’s see how much I can let go and let my senses be lured by these beautiful people. Well, talking about letting go, I lost one of my bags at the Hong Kong airport yesterday. Actually, I was sort of stolen. Let me explain it: I had just passed through the X-Ray security and had started to arrange my stuff on a small cart when this rather nervous elderly lady rushed in front of me, placed her bags on a cart herself and left in a hurry. I didn’t realize she had actually taken the cart where I had previously placed one of my own bags till I reached another security barrier. There went my Yoga mat, belt and Didik’s gift, a poster from an exhibition on gender I had so carefully saved for him. No need saying that, in such a big airport as Hong Kong’s, the many requests towards the lost-and-found department turned out to be useless. Stolen by a British elderly lady. A real man would be ashamed of admitting that. But what’s a real man anyway? What makes someone a real man? What does real mean? And what does the word man mean these days? Maybe Captain Smith was a real man to Pocahontas. (– Yes, you’ve guessed it right. I watched every Disney movie they showed on the flight from Amsterdam to Hong Kong.) Maybe Pocahontas was a real woman to Captain Smith. (- I just wished so much that they’d remained together at the end.) But what makes of them real man and real woman? Maybe Hercules was more than a real man. (– Yes. I watched Disney’s Hercules. This one has a happy end, though.) Not only strong and handsome but also the son of the gods. He even realized his dream of becoming a hero and going back to where he belonged and to his previous condition, that of a god. I’m not sure if that’s the answer to the questions above. Nonetheless, Pocahontas, Captain Smith and Hercules, they all have in common the fact that they didn’t feel they belonged where they were or who they were. Hercules even gives up his godly condition once he becomes a god himself. (– And you know the reason for that?! – Love.) And that’s the feeling that fascinates me in these Transgender studies I’ve dived into lately. (– And probably why I love hose movies.) Deep inside I hope that my research will guide me to the place I belong. Or give the courage to keep on changing and adjusting to whatever sort of gender I’d like to play with at any given moment. (– By the way, I really couldn’t sleep during the flight and ended up watching the newest Indiana Jones. Now, that’s a real man. I guess.)

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