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The Inner Temple

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Well, since Allah hadn’t really been much of a help during my Lebaran experience here in Indonesia, I decided it was time to appeal to the Hindu gods. I still had the flu and that silly pain in my back but I just couldn’t face another full day confined in my room. So I headed towards the temples of Prambanan early in the morning. I got there around 6.00 am, their opening time. The Prambanan temples form the largest Hindu temple complex in Java and, according to my Lonely Planet guide, “the wealth of sculptural detail on the great Shiva temple makes it easily the most outstanding example of Hindu art”. I don’t recall entering any other religious temple of great importance to history but Christian churches like the Vatican and the ones in Florence and Cologne. I felt pretty much the same way I had felt while going into the Vishnu Temple here (one of the few we could actually visit from the inside). It seemed like an intrusion. But my love and curiosity for history and spiritual archaeology always speaks louder than those feelings and I always end up visiting these places. It is not the state of destruction caused by nature itself, neither the one originated from mankind, but the corrupted atmosphere and the profit-making that’s formed nowadays around the archaeological site that makes me wonder how all this might have looked when serving its original purpose. Looking at those crumbled pieces of stone, and realizing how easily they’ve been brought to this stage, makes one reflect upon the importance of cherishing and caring for the temple that doesn’t have an end neither a beginning. The temple inside everyone’s heart. I guess the most honorable guests to the Vishnu Temple were the bats that hang on the ceiling above Vishnu’s statue. They seemed undisturbed by the visitors.

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